Our first post for Makan Mercato is Betty Hooi , founder of the group Simply Tanam , Simply Makan .
      Many gardeners emerged during the start of Covid 19 MCO. The reality of shortage and no access to fresh food became real. It became apparent that for those who have been subsiding their intake with homegrown earlier has now just got step up whereas the rest had to play catch up. There’s this fb group call Simply Tanam Simply Makan that’s been around for 3 years already. The aim is to encourage more home gardeners to embrace a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. It’s a group of nearly 5k members founded by Betty Hooi. She is actively involved in Natural farming methods as she believes in low impact farming not destructive to the environment. She encourages each one to grow vegetables no matter how small a space they have, including on the balcony and in their backyard. She hosts workshops to share gardening ideas regularly except this year due to the pandemic. In spite of that, she makes time to check in daily with her fb group (STSM in short) to encourage each other on this green journey. Her experience in growing different types of vegetables is beneficial and helpful to the members. Right now she will be between moving from her current space to another place but that won’t stop her from continuing to grow food and help others to do the same.
Photocredit & story @Betty Hooi