This week we want to feature Malaysian very cheese makers

D’Artisan Handmade Cheese
Benzoate, Sorbate, Sorbic Acid, Natamycin, Carragenan are just some of the artificial preservatives found in store-bought cheese. Young couple Dexter & Natalie wanted cheese with ingredients whose names that their children can pronounce. With that vision in mind, the couple crafts 100% artisan homemade cheese that uses organic cow’s milk, Himalayan salt, vegetable rennet and vinegar. With no artificial preservatives, additives, colouring or sugar, it is cheese they can feel safe to feed their own children as a healthier option.
Using milk free from antibiotics and hormones, the mouth-watering artisan cheese come in many different varieties. It is impossible not to be tempted when you check out the beautifully packaged cheese platters and grazing platters on their Instagram @artisancheesewithdex. From the videos, it is clear that the couple has invested a huge amount of hard work, passion and love into making the freshest cheese.
Give this couple’s Malaysian-made cheese varieties a try. You can pre-order from D’Artisan Handmade Cheese Fb or artisancheesewithdex on instagram .

The good news is they will be onsite at
Bangsar Shopping Center from 23-25 October, with an opportunity for visitors to sample the cheese too.
Photocredit @D’artisan Handmade Cheese for facebook & ArtisancheesewithDex on instagram or https://www.instagram.com/p/CFbuv31pY2K/…