Do you know there is probably more than 20 different type of rendang? Rendang sayur maman is is a speciality from Negeri Sembilan and is so delicious that it sits on top of the rendang board . It uses a special vegetable called sayur maman grown in Gemencheh in Negeri Sembilan and Terengganu ( probably that’s where Kemaman get its name. Sayur maman or its scientific name Cleome gynandar is bitter in nature but there is a technique in cooking it to make sure it does not become bitter . For me it taste a bit like mui choy added in the rendang and the combination is just so good . Ikmal & wife from East Meets West now makes this dish available to KLites. Ikmal who suffered from a stroke two years ago has made his mother’s recipe into a business and together with his wife , they sell it via his instagram account – East Meets West or wassap him at
They only use ayam kampong because good rendang needs a long time of stirring to ensure that all the flavours are retained and absorbed into the dish.
         Sayur maman itself has great nutritional value and is great in aiding digestion and is good for the liver and kidney. Home made ,using ayam kampong and the nutritional value of sayur maman itself not to mention the time consuming process of cooking … Rendang Sayur Maman is now available to us city folks . Enterprising Ikmal uses social media to take his order .
You can go to his instagram

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and follow him to see what is in store . Apart from rendang sayur maman , there is also rendang sayur puding … check it out .