Blended tea with benefits or TISANE as it is called by avid tea drinkers are known for its various benefits. For years now, we know the benefit of chamomile tea in helping in soothing you to better sleep or lemon added into your tea will provide you with better immunity system .
Two young working mothers, Fairus Izreen & Suraya Usamah have got together to provide tea blends that will help tackle daily health issues from menstrual cramps to insomnia. They source the raw materials from various parts of the world and strive to make tea blends that are 100% natural, organic with no added chemical or sweetener. The ladies hand mix the raw plants, flowers, herbs and spices themselves . Avid tea drinkers themselves, they have done extensive research and consulted chemists for their blended brews.
       The brand is called 20stea because the ladies hope that these blended teas or tisanes will make them always feel youthful, energetic and sharp as they were in their twenties.
There are four different blends SERENITEA, PRETEA , PAIN PAIN GO AWAY AND RISE & GRIND . SERENITEA treats insomnia and improves your sleep quality. It blends chamomile flowers, lavender and linden. You can drink it with a dash of honey after a stressful day at work and it helps you relax and clears your mind.
PRETEA is for good skin complexion, PAIN PAIN GO AWAY is for treating menstrual cramps and for that boost of energy, you can try RISE&GRIND.
All teas are in loose leaf form without the bag because the ladies researched and found that some teabags could leave billions of microplastic particles in your brewed tea and so we maybe consuming plastic as you are sipping your tea. Something to ponder about when you next dunk your teabag.
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