Planted Rendang

Planted Rendang , 100% plant based version of RENDANG- CNN’s top 50 dish in the world . This version is a rich combination of tempeh and dry rendang spices served with bunga telang brown rice. Chef Leong’s (the Head Chef of Légume ) makes this dish from his mum hereditary recipe from his mum.
Or perhaps you fancy a pasta dish like tropical marinara which excitingly combines chili, fresh coconut milk, legumes and tangy mushroom.
Yes, all these plant based dished can now be delivered to your doorstep by Légume Project. This healthy plant base food delivery company is set up by 3 friends, Joey , Leong & Ishwar who just want to make an honest living by creating food that will help Malaysians understand the benefits of plant based food . Keeping their operation cost low by running a small cloud kitchen in OUG, they are able to provide quality, nutritious food at a reasonable price of RM15/meal.
           Légume Project uses 100% plant based ingredient and no preservatives except for condiments like soy sauce so that the natural taste of the ingredients can be retained. The trio are bent on creating flavorsome natural plant based options to prove that it’s just not about calorie counting , raw fruits or vegetables . Joey says that their best seller is Dip It which offers their own blended hummus dip with baked clay oven bread served with fresh vegetables. All their meals have a side of Micro greens which are young vegetable greens that has higher nutrient content compared to mature greens. Their menu offers a different dish from Monday to Friday and you can order
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Give your body a rest from that rich meat based meals even if it’s for one or two days a week and see how you feel. After all, it’s all so easy now … just a message and it’s get delivered at your doorstep.