Ayam Kampung

Did your mother ever tell you that eating too much chicken will make you grow “man breasts” ? Grandma’s tale because she never really explain to you why. Well , if you want to eat healthy , you really need to reconsider grandma’s tale because the truth is most of us consume broiler chicken which is cheaper but because of the mass breeding practices – like usage of antibiotics , hormone and a cooped up area for breeding which results of higher fat in the chicken meat . All these have raised health concerns like cyst , obesity and eczema just to name a few . So grandma telling you about man breast from eating chicken has some truth in it.
       Malaysians consume 43 million chicken monthly and are one of the top consumers in the world , therefore the market for healthier and cost effective options will definitely make good business. Hence, Almas Agro Farm has capitalized on this growing need for healthier chicken options by venturing into rearing and supplying “Ayam Kampung” our Malaysian version of free range chicken . Founded by Hambali Bashah an architectural graduate, the company stands by the 4 main principles Halal, Hygienic, Affordable & Antibiotics plus Hormone free. They feed their chicken with plant based feed such as corn, wheat and madre de agua (high protein leaves. Their spokesperson also says that in order to ensure access to fresh water source and mineral, they provide their brood with natural spring water .
        The meat from “ayam kampong” is firmer , has less fat , sweeter and more flavorsome. It makes for better option for home made brand essence especially for the sick like cancer patients. Making soups , rendang or ginger wine chicken are best made with ayam kampong because it doesn’t turn to mush easily and hence you can let it stew longer and let all its flavor seep into your sauce or stew .
       Almas agrofarm accepts online orders and delivers to your house depending on your location. One packet is about 900gm – 1.1 kg and is priced at rm20/packet . You can order via their fb page @Ayam Kampung KL Selangor ALMAS or instagram almasagrofarm..