Tiny Green

       When you see these cute pictures of these tiny little green vegetables , the first thought might be … Are this food for elves and gnomes ?
No , they are actually called MICROGREENS , nutrient dense vegetables introduced in the restaurant scenes in the 80’s in San Francisco . The popularity grew especially since they are rich in flavor and contains higher nutritional value compared to their mature counterparts.
       A group of young college friends have got together because of their common interest in urban farming within the city and started Tiny Greens . Tiny Greens locally grow a wide variety of microgreens in their indoor urban farm which is pesticide and chemical free because they believe in sustainable supply of food within the farm to table distance .
      One of the founders, Melissa says that a baby vegetable can contain up to 40x more nutrients than regular sized vegetables ….. now that’s what we Malaysians would call “cili padi”.
Maintaining the plants in a lean and controlled environment is essential in maintaining the quality of the plants.
     Why go into microgreens ? Melissa said that while it is popular in the west , it hasn’t quite take off yet here and hence see the opportunity in creating and educating Malaysians about the benefits of microgreens and be able to supply a healthier and more flavorsome option . In order to do so, they spend a lot experimenting with different seeds and mediums to fine tune the processes and methods .
      Their best seller is the Variety Mix of 6 different microgreens which are ready to be harvested. So you can order and already make harvest and make sandwiches or salads etc .
Tiny Greens also just launched their Christmas Special for those who would like the joy of watching the microgreens grow in your house ( yes its small and therefore take only a small space ) plus indirect sunlight and of course watering care . It’s a great educational kit for kids as well.
How can you get them ? Just log on to their fb [email protected] instagram @tinygreens.my and website : www.tinygreens.my