Malaysians are such big time foodie. Many of our social gathering be it family or with friends centre around food . Like sports , it brings people from all age and race together making it very safe conversation.  Makan which is malay for eat and Mercato is market in Italian. The Italians and Malaysians share the same passion for food and an Italian fresh market is bustling with fresh produce , giving you the natural , wholesome taste of the produce. An Italian mama wakes up early up in the morning to make sure they get the freshest and produce to cook for their family.

For Malaysians living in an era where  mums are full time housewives who would wake up early to make sure we get a hot breakfast before we go to school or would boil a nutritious soup for hours before we set off for the day .

Makan Mercato is about handcrafted food from farm to plate and we would like to highlight  and promote  individual or individuals who share the values of good, healthy food that emphasizes the natural & homemade flavours. Its about efforts in reducing on artificial ingredients or preservatives so that our bodies get fed better nutrients. Healthier options need not be boring or bland