Sarang by the brook is a collection of private homes set amidst the tropical jungle right at the edge of a historical colonial era small town called Kuala Kubu Bharu, 66km north of Kuala Lumpur city center.

Only an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, this private holiday sanctuary provides a comfortable and chilled-out atmosphere and acts as a gateway to the natural landscapes and multitude of outdoor adventures.

Cradled between the tropical jungle and a quiet colonial-era town, where monkeys and birds are more evident, Sarang by the brook is styled using Shipping Containers as the basic building blocks.

With its tropical garden encircling a landscaped saltwater swimming pool, and with only 11 rooms, Sarang by the brook is an intimate private property.


Plassid Villa is your forest home away from home. This palatial residence is strategically situated within Kampung Bahru Pantai, and is surrounded by stunning mountain and garden views. The villa is equipped with a living space, two bedrooms and your very own kitchenette!

Whip up your favourite comfort food and enjoy a peaceful day lounging by the balcony, taking in fresh air and relishing in the unparalleled peace and quiet. If you do want to get out of the villa, you can take a hike around the luxuriant forests or have a barbecue in the communal area


Time to getaway to have some BBQ with friends and family in the farm after this CMCO lock down in Kl and Selangor to feel the joy of fresh air and plus some Karaoke session in the farm. The durian fruits are developing very well and the farm should expect the next durian seasons to start from early Jan 2021 to late Feb 2021. Jimmy believes this season durians will be exceptionally high quality due heavy rainfall and systematic organic fertization programs.

Jimmy’s Durian Orchard is one of the most popular orchards in Malaysia, and for good reason. Not only do you get to see the thorny fruit ripen on trees around you, but you also have the opportunity to taste some top quality D24, D10 and of course, Mao Shan Wang.

Just imagine that mouthful of creamy, slightly-bitter durian flesh melt in your mouth. Simply sedap!

4. Bukit Broga Hill

Timeout for some good healthy physical activities, go for a hike at Bukit Broga Hill, one of the top trails for all outdoor and nature lovers. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, this gentle slope is the best way to get some exercise and simultaneously take in the picturesque scenery. Time your hike right and make it for either sunrise or sunset; the views will be sublime! Do remember to equip yourself with proper hiking gear, and strap on some sturdy boots in case of muddy and slippery terrain.

5. Plateau Farm

Plateau Farm is Ricki’s off-grid hobby farm and eco-friendly retreat for people to grow, camp and enjoy nature. At 500m above sea-level, the hilltop farm is 5-6 degrees cooler than and only 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. Plateau is also an advantageous location for bird-watching, relaxing, reading and spending time with your loved ones.

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6. Happi Village

Happi Village is an eco-friendly resort just an hour away from Kuala Lumpur city, Malaysia. Here you can be as close to nature as possible, with the villas right next to the virgin forest and pleasant climate at the high altitude. Besides the serene setting, you’re bound to fall in love with the architecture and interior design of Happi Village. This villa features a modern look with industrial touches combined with beautiful wood features. The making of the Happi Village ensured minimal impact on the environment with no ground-levelling or tree chopping allowed. On top of eco-friendly building practices, an additional 600 trees were planted and mountain water directed to the site.

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7. Dusun Bonda

Azura began Dusun Bonda with a simple dream – to create beautiful childhood memories for her daughter. Weaving together the ideals of adventure, beauty, and peace, Azura curated this sanctuary and opened it to other families, where they too can enjoy quality time with their loved ones in lush tropical surroundings, take on exciting activities, and create precious memories together.

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8. Farmville Retreat

Farmville was started up by an owner who is a city dweller. He opened up the camping group hoping that more people can escape the city life once in a while to simply enjoy nature. Farmville is situated 1.5km off-road in Sikamat, Negeri Sembilan. Campers will be able to experience childhood activities, back in the days before the smartphone-era.

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9. Nature Fruit Farm Resort

Mr Tan who grew up in the countryside has always been a lover of antiques and nature. Back in 2005, he turned a piece of land to an orchard retreat because he didn’t want drastic development pressure to be applied to the agricultural land in Balik Pulau. Nature Fruit Farm has become a passion project of Mr Tan and his wife, Jenny. Much of the place features recycled materials, with a rustic touch so guests can have a country living experience. They also cater well to fellow foodies, the place serves tropical fruits and delicious local dishes.

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10. Lolo Mike's Eco Farm

Lolo Mike’s Eco Farm is a leisure and educational farm open to everyone that seeks tranquility in nature. Together with his team, Ron strives for sustainable farming management to produce quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and live stocks, including free-range chickens. Expect friendly and helpful hosts that are more than happy to share with you about sustainable organic farming and help you experience the farming procedures!

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11. Gibbon Retreat

The idea for Gibbon Retreat began when H.P Lem, Silicon Valley engineer and nature lover, was hiking in the forest. He came to the realization that whilst there, immersed in nature his stresses and strains would evaporate.

He decided to build a series of low impact dwellings to share the benefits with others. The result is Gibbon Retreat. A place to reconnect with nature and recharge both physically and mentally.

Sustainability comes first, simplicity is encouraged and life is just a little bit slower in Gibbon Retreat Bentong.

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12. A'moss Farmstay

Ruban wanted to share the scenic beauty of Cameron Highlands by offering an experience unlike any other. As a nature-loving individual, he will be able to provide you with information on the best timings for sunrises and sunsets. As an avid farmer, Ruban has planted various berries and crops on the farm and makes this fresh, organic produce available for purchase to all guests at affordable prices.

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13. Tiarasa Escapes

A league of its own, Tiarasa Escapes is the only place in Malaysia that offers luxurious safari-style tents and dreamy treehouses, which showcases glamping at its finest. The hidden sanctuary in Janda Baik was inspired by childhood dreams and epic travel experiences of Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina who is also an actress and film producer. Each experience in Tiarasa is personally curated by Puan Sri Tiara so that guests will leave with unforgettable memories, having enjoyed the experience of glamping whilst staying in unique tents, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

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